About Counselling

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How Counselling Can Help You

It is often a comfort to share your hopes and worries with a friend who listens and will want to help and offer advice to make it better for you. Sometimes this is helpful: they know you well. At other times they advise from their point of view and it may not feel helpful. They may talk about what you have said to others.

Counselling is different. A counsellor listens without judgement and tries to think as you think and will help you resolve the situation through your own experience. This may take several sessions.

Everything that passes in a session will remain confidential which means that you can say anything without fear of being talked about elsewhere. I will not tell you what to do but, instead, will help you find your own way of coping with your difficulties.

In time, the counselling relationship becomes a collaboration between two people who trust each other and this relationship focuses on the present and our experience of what is happening right now. The reality of the present illuminates the past so that you can begin to see the choices you have now to step away from the way you always used to behave or respond to others. You will see the world with fresh eyes and learn new ways of responding to it.